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London is one of the most famous cities in the world and is the capital of the United Kingdom Britain and the largest and the political and economic center, which is the façade of Britain and one of the tourist destinations of Europe in general, and London has a great deal of originality and originality as in the capitals of European countries in general Its history dates back to the second century AD. London is famous for its many modern and old tourist destinations, which give its visitors many trips and adventures in history through many ages and perhaps one of the most famous landmarks in London, which is always spoken by everyone from all over the world is the Big Ben, which is a reference for timing around the world is more accurate The clock is located on Westminster Palace, the palace where members of the British Parliament meet. 

The British Museum is the oldest and largest museum in Britain and the most important in human history, containing millions of antiques and objects, which are more than 13 million masterpieces.
The London Eye, which opened in 2000, is one of London's most famous tourist attractions, revealing the splendor of London and many of its attractions. The wheel reveals thousands of visitors every day to numerous attractions such as Windsor Castle, the world's largest inhabited fortress. 

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Big Ben
Tower of London
British Museum
Scottish Highlands
Lake District National Park

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