Safeer Ahmad Arbab is currently working as Assistant Professor at Department of Physics. He is also
founder and served as project Director of center for Material science at Islamia College Peshawar,
Pakistan. He earned an MSc in Physics from the University of Peshawar, M.Phil in Nuclear Physics, and a
Ph.D in Material science. His research interests include Ceramics, clay bricks and eco efficient blocks. He
published more than 27 research articles in reputed journals. He got two mega projects regarding light
weight and insulating construction material.
Dr Safeer has also served as a director of ORIC (office of research, innovation and commercialization) at
Islamia College Peshawar since 2015- 19. He organized different seminars, workshop etc for the
Encouraging of entrepreneurship in university, research outputs and link between academia and
research institutions at national and international level.

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